Wednesday, 6 January 2016

St. Mary's Church, South Dalton, East Yorkshire.

St. Mary's Church, South Dalton, East Yorkshire.

Again, using my new varifocals I did this sketch.
It shows the wonderful church spire of St.Mary's, at South Cave, not far from Beverley. At this time of year, with the trees shed of leaf, views favour pen and ink sketching. The road leading to South Dalton features many fine trees, beech and oak and indeed horse chestnut. The contrasting structures of these tree silouettes with the man made glories of the wonderfully, spired, churches seem to compliment each other. Natures structures versus mans'. I did this sketch using my waterproof sketching pen, as opposed to using a biro type pen,  without any pencil guidelines. It was a good test. and though I need to be careful with the verticals I am happy my varifocals.
Happy sketching everyone.

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