Friday, 17 March 2017

Dog automata to make at home

Curly hair and hairy eyelashes.

Here are some pictures of a simple rotational lever actuated automata, or simply, a little moving dog made from paper. This was a paper model my year 8 students would make as part of their lessons looking at automata and before moving on to making wooden models in year 9.The model also requires a straw with cocktail sticks added. This is used to move the head and tail of the dog.  I will and supply these.
The dog can be made to nod it's head, wag it's tail, look like it is walking, even running.
 Here is a link to see one working.
Here is the net sheet which is A3 in size, cost £10 including postage.

Here are some assembled pictures.

Moving his head

View showing ears before cutting them to make them look hairy
All parts cut out ready to crease and fold
Parts creased, folded and waiting to be glued.
Nose cut out

Detail showing cocktail stick through straw on outside

Main body net

Important, this shows how to fit and arrange the cocktail stick inside the body of the dog

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