Saturday, 15 August 2015

Sledmere walled garden, 15th August 2015.

Plein air oil on canvas board 12x10 inches.
Well here we are again. Earlier, in Beverley we visited the ERA exhibition at St. Mary's church. Lots of art work on display, varied and interesting made especially memorable for seeing two ex colleagues from Beverley Grammar School, one being a fellow photographic judge Peter S.  Then off to Sledmere to paint this view. It shows the main south to north path as seen from near the summer room building. I have made this less detailed with more suggestions of colour. Here and there a little detail adds to the impression of deep floral borders enveloping the shadowy pathway. Afterwards we sat outside the cafe and had some tea. It is sad to note the absence of the swifts, now en-route for Africa, though house martins remain busy swooping up to their eave nests in the courtyard.

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