Friday, 14 August 2015

Sledmere House, walled garden August 12th 2015.

Part of a 22x15 inch watercolour sketch.
Traveled to Sledmere House with the intention of attempting a perspective pathway view. However it is difficult to set up when there are so many visitors. So we wandered around, eventually seeing this corner at one end of the main glasshouse. I sketched out the scene and started to paint but the sun was really too hot to stand in. Tiny black insects about 2mm long started to settle on the flat sheet so I decided to stop and not risk heat stroke. So I am not very happy about completing this at home as I feel it is a failure, but hey, failures are good, it is how we learn. I wanted to post this to show that we do fail occasionally and that this makes us stronger. I used a cheap number 8 round brush for all this with a modest set of student paints.

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