Wednesday, 20 May 2015

St. Mary's with buttercups, May 19th 2015.

Watercolour sketch 22 x 15 inch
This is a special spot, and we are so lucky in Beverley to see it. I am on the Westwood near the racecourse 3rd furlong marker,  looking towards Beverley town. A massive colony of buttercups literally illuminates the approach to Beverley from the York Road. Drivers souls are lifted as they arrive for work or, indeed return home. Often cattle can be seen sitting in the buttercups which cover their lower bodies. Young calves almost disappear in them. So here is a view of St. Mary's lit up in the afternoon sun with the golden carpet of transient light. This effect also can be seen on the approach to Westwood Road, Beverley, especially looking over to Black Mill. Hope you like it, though the photograph is not as good as the original!
Happy painting.

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