Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bluebells in Burton Bushes, Beverley with old oak tree and a surprising observation.

Plein air ( two visits ) oil on canvas board 20 x 16
Prints available here
Wednesday 14th May. After a few days of heavy showers i decided to try and catch the bluebells again in Burton Bushes, the woodland on the Westwood, here in Beverley. Though the day was bright and sunny with little wind, the path at the edge of the wood was tricky to navigate. Large, deep pools of water filled the uneven squelchy, slippery rutted path making progress slow until I was almost at the spot. I saw this scene the large  oak it's dark callused trunk made more dramatic as it was surrounded by waves of light blue and green. At the side stood a teepee of fallen sticks, a feature of this wood. A sudden strange bird sound made me look up to see a black and white woodpecker with its red rump. It settled on a nearby young tree probing it for a short time before flying off and probing another tree close by. I was pleased to suddenly see a large black Labrador at my side, well fed and cared for, it's owner telling me that he was a 
"Rescue" I always admire people who rescue dogs. The bluebells are passing over and a lot of them have been flattened either by people or perhaps the recent heavy rain. I need to work quickly.
Update - next day
Went back to finish the painting the next day and the path was still a hazard. After setting up we noticed rabbits nearby, suddenly screams were head and lots of commotion. One full grown female approached a burrow and appeared to look down anxiously. A cuckoo sang its monotonous song and the wood was peaceful. Then an dramatic, amazing sight, a large buck rabbit burst through the undergrowth chasing a stoat. It chased it away from the burrow backwards and forwards across a path and disappeared into the distance. After completing the picture we walked back through the wood with a few detours from the boggy path. On the way seeing a grey squirrel on the floor among the leaf litter.
H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G

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