Saturday, 10 August 2013

Seatoller visit - Borrowdale, Cumbria.

Quick pen and ink watercolour sketch A4 size
This view was challenging, where to start? Would it fit on the pad? Are there too many lines and is it going to make sense when looking down from above? Well what do you think of it? I was pleased as it was drawn quickly - 30 minutes. Paint added straight after drawing. Seatoller is a hamlet now at the end of the Borrowdale valley and sits just below Honister Pass. A good base for walkers and indeed, artists. The farm is the white building and it is surrounded by pens for sheep and associated barns and storage areas. Swallow, swifts and, in particular house martins dominate the area at this time. Red squirrels were also seen here.
Quick pen and ink sketch with watercolour wash A4 size
This row of cottages are accessed via a bridge over the stream from Honister. The stream has become a raging torrent at times of heavy rain and there is evidence of considerable bank reinforcement under the bridge, necessary to prevent damage from dislodged boulders. At this time the willow herb and tansey flowers add colour to the verges. The hillside rises steeply at the rear of this view excluding any sky.

Very quick watercolour sketch A4
Really an unfinished sketch. Having pulled over to a quite empty car park and having just started to sketch the view, we had to leave as lots of people arrived and rather took over the spot. Hey ho that can happen. Some swans were standing on a shallow ridge and I tried to indicate them, you might just make them out. I wanted to add some of the mallards which were waddling and swimming near me  with misguided hope of a crumb or two, however I left before they could be added. I had planned for them to be quite detailed and to foreground interest.
We stayed at Seatoller House - always excellent and a good base for walking/sketching.

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