Saturday, 6 July 2013

Road near South Dalton, leading to Bracken, East Yorkshire.

Plein air. Oil on canvas board 12 x 10"
Late evening painting of a road near South Dalton which leads to Bracken. I like this as it was an exercise in being a little more impressionist. The grass verges are full of wild flowers behind the hedge, on the right, a crop of something, maybe borage ( will go back and check soon ).It is growing well and will soon be harvested. At the fringes of the crop poppies can be seen. The tree on the left is a rather magnificent sycamore. It casts shadows over the road which I thought were interesting. Lovely evening with the sound of a yellow hammer calling, swifts also present.
Hope you like it, H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G



  1. What an interesting painting this is - I love the tone of it. Had to look up borage in the dictionary. Don't believe I've ever seen it; the flowers are beautiful. As always, John, your wonderful descriptive prose puts me right there at the scene (wishful thinking). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks again for the comment Susan. I really appreciate your comments, please keep them coming. We are all in post-MURRAY ( Wimbledon UK champ... at last )mode here in the UK.


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