Sunday, 14 October 2018

St Augustine's Church, Hedon.

Couple of preparatory sketches made as Storm Callum battered us with high winds. These two sketches were done very quickly as it was difficult to hold the pad securely. Many many years ago my old friend Alan Bray did a view of this Church which I thought I would try to reproduce. However since that time the sapling trees he included have grown significantly and obscure the view . I was reminded of Hedon Church by recently talking to a friend at Hornsea. My intention is to revisit and sketch from another vantage point further away, perhaps in a nearby field. On this visit I popped into the church and admired the flower arrangements which were being made ready for the harvest festival service. I enjoyed advising on the balance of a particularly wonderful display (JJ) and hope others fully appreciate the work involved.

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