Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Near Bainton, East Yorkshire Wolds.

30th June 2018.
I prepared a large canvas, 30 x 24 inch, with a dark grey ground and set off to paint, this time using my lovely Mabef, Italian French easel (;0).
I wanted to take advantage of the long day and took George's dinner as well as packing up for me. Therefore, no need to rush home. I explored the byways around Lund, walking through fields of cereal, now high and pale green with distinct 'ears' formed but needing more time to mature. At the edge of one field I saw a small, bright yellow, peice of plastic. I bent down to look closer, it had a message, 'despicable me' strange I thought until I read the rest of the message which said something about taking pet deposits away with you. It was a shame, I always carry bags when walking George but some people let us down. Plus, they also cause others to litter the paths with plastic signs.
I also walked through a another field, of barley, on a path created by a farmer which always feels strange. It connected with another field, and, another sign. ' Please take the short detour marked below, to avoid walking through the 'Bird's Eye' pea field. The poor peas' were really suffering from the lack of rain, June had been the driest on record, and the peas, to me, were struggling. Still no view to paint. I stopped and returned through the barley field, as I walked could hear, hidden behind a hedge, loud mooing. I walked off the field and round the hedge to a five bar gate. There, in the field, were the most beautiful cattle. They were very conditioned with rippling muscles and at first, until I saw their udders, thought they could be young bulls. The cows were accompanied by their inquisitive calves who were also in superb condition. I called them over to me. Slowly, they approached me and before long they were muzzling and sniffing my hand with wet noses inhaling deeply.
I drove through Bainton and spotted a view near a copse. It was what I was after so here it is.
Hope you like it.

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