Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Looking down to Gardham, Yorkshire Wolds.

I was thinking of camping at Castle Howard but have postponed it until the World Cup is over. I drove to South Dalton and noticed the pale blue, sky blue, forget-me-knot, blue of ripening fields of flittering flax. A beautiful sight. However, there was a cold cool breeze making painting a little unpleasant, especially wearing just a light summer top. So, moving on I found myself looking down towards Gardham. A short walk took me past a field of barley hiding twitching ears of a pair of hares. Butterflies flew among the hedges and tall grass seasonally nodded, seed almost set. I set up and for the first time tried a different painting medium. Very much a learning curve. Though it is worth persevering. Later, in South Dalton, sitting outside with George I watched two industrious sparrows collecting strands of cut grass before flying into a large honeysuckle to build a nest. Occasionally screaming swifts made one look up just in time to see a social group pass.
Hope you like the picture, the new medium has meant it is a lot looser than usual but I like it.

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