Thursday, 5 July 2018

Holme on the Wolds.

A simple, late afternoon, early evening sketch of the approach to Holme on the Wolds. I like this simple sketch, it is interesting to see the grass verges getting to be almost straw coloured as the hot weather continues. I could easily have continued with this particular painting but told myself to stop and leave it as it is. I met a local man whom I had chatted to once before. He was walking his dog and we talked about how road warning signage has been put up. His opinion was that it spoils the approach to the village and I certainly agree that we have far too many signs generally. The particular signs in question ( not shown in the picture ) were put up by the council as a result of a complaint made by a newly arrived family. The displeasure of the locals was made more intense as the family soon moved on, leaving the hamlet and leaving.... the signs.This is a view I may well do again,  I like the evening shadows on this picture and may well try another, slightly more detailed one later. Perhaps a good subject for my students?

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