Monday, 4 June 2018

Sunday visit to the Pipe and Glass, South Dalton.

 Sunday 3rd June 2018

I set off later on a strange day, the very lightest precipitation was actually welcome on this hot, humid, still, windless day. Intending to paint a larger canvas of the Wolds area near Holme on the Wolds I realised that the visibility was distantly, hazy and misty, so I adjourned to South Cave. Parking at the Pipe and Glass, there seemed to be an ethereal, heavy, low pressure greyness, the sun hidden behind a veil of encompassing, moisture filled, yet brightening now, sky. Looking back along the light grey road, at the neat, whitewashed cottages, framed on my right by a large ash tree, I decided to try a sketch. My intention is to use this as a study for a later painting. As I sat on the rear bumper, next to George, with the tailgate wide open, I listened to the quiet round voices of contented, well dressed diners,  all the time being serenaded by the beautiful song of a blackbird perched high above, in the ash tree. The constant arrivals and departures of diners was noisily interrupted by the arrival of several people driving sports cars, mainly Porsche but also Lotus, E Type Jaguars, an AC Cobra, Morgan three wheeler ( but was it pre-war?) and several Italian super-cars. Then another group, of motorcycle tourers, arrived and had a few problems manoeuvring around the now, decamped, sports car drivers who had taken up residence outside. Shortly, both groups drove off, loudly and I could hear the blackbird again. As I finished the first sketch, an enchantingly graceful car stopped next to me, having finished lunch and happily replete I was asked to show them my sketch. They displayed exceptional judgement and good taste as we chatted briefly, before they resumed their journey.
Before leaving, I decided to visit the Herbarium, it is welcoming and imaginatively constructed and helps supply the kitchen with a huge range of fresh herbs.

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