Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Wolds view from near Lund, East Yorkshire.

The forecast is for rain but not until later, over here on the east. So, on a bright sunny morning, after making sandwiches and a flask, I set off. My intention was to visit Lund village and see if anything caught my eye. Approaching the pond, my breath was taken away.... almost. What a wonderful sight, the entire pond was ..PINK. The nearby cherry tree had shed a lot of petals and covered the pond. I tried to find a spot to paint it, but it is difficult and so I moved on. Another location, this time... a pink road, appealed as the cottages either side may have made a good picture. However, a nearby cottage is having a lot of building work done and the associated traffic precluded painting. So, moving on past the now familiar buzzards and red kite, past verges of wild garlic, bluebells, plantain, cowslips and embryonic cow parsley, to this spot above Lairhill Farm. In an adjacent field a farmer in a massive blue tractor was busy tilling a brown, speckled field with a Power Roll XL 1200. I noticed it had five wide rollers on a large rig and guessed it was 12 meters wide. Anyway on with the painting. A distant farmhouse could just be seen behind rolling fields which looked interesting. The main feature however is the sky, A big change from yesterday suggesting rain could be here soon. Occasionally the sound of a shotgun reminded me of this area being a different world from the small town of Beverley, yet only a short fifteen minute drive.

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