Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Looking towards Holme Wold, South Dalton.

Oil on canvas 12 x 10 inch.

Late afternoon looking over fields with bright yellow oil seed rape starting to bloom. The distant call of a Peewit (Lapwing) made me smile. I remember seeing huge flicks of these birds, with their broad blunt wings, and recall, how during the flying display of the male bird, the dramatic, sudden tumbling dive towards the ground was a wonder to see. This view is looking towards a hidden Holme Wold House with St. Mary's spire at South Dalton in the distance. The wind made the canvas flap a little which is another hazard of painting outdoors, as well as causing small harvest flies to get stuck to the canvas. Behind me was an intriguing, deep little valley. When I peered into it I saw lots of fine red cattle with calves. They found their way to the gate beside me and became very inquisitive. 
Fortunately the H U G E bull remained at the bottom of the valley. Behind me also, to my left was another farm Wold House Farm, a future subject.

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