Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Holme on the Moor, East Yorkshire. ( WOLDS COLLECTION )

Plein air, oil on canvas 12 x 10 inch
This took me two visits, most done yesterday, with today just to finish off details as yesterday was very blustery making the pochade box wobble ! Though this is not an obvious view to paint I have found it delightful. This shows the western approach to the hamlet with daffodils still in bloom on the verges. Celandines are now also at their best and are scattered along the grassy roadsides. As I painted, the quietude made one almost meditate at times. I was fortunate to see a hare emerge from a hedge, and then casually move along it before crossing the lane. I also saw lots of partridge in the hedges, both grey and red legged as well as hearing the 'krarkk' of pheasants in the fields. The peace would occasionally be disturbed by passing farm vehicles and at one point a low flying RAF trainer plane. Sheep, to my left,  with very young lambs completed a lovely, serene, bucolic experience.

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