Sunday, 8 April 2018

Barn near Bracken, East Yorkshire

!2 x 10 Oil on canvas
A quiet day started with a visit to Beverley Minster, to hear the visiting The Choir of Jesus College, Cambridge, going through some practise before Eucharist. I then left and set off to find somewhere to paint. The sky was overcast, dull though the sun was trying to get through. I found myself on this road again, leading to Bracken. Growing on the verges alongside these quiet roads are wild primroses and anemones auguring in the developing spring. I set up on the edge of the field. The quiet location encouraged many cyclists to ride by, away from nearby busy roads. Vintage motorcycles also passed noisily with names from the past on their tanks. Two horseriders, having passed earlier, returned and said hello. I have put them in on the right hand side.  I have moved the left side tree closer to the barn, to help the composition. All the painting was done at the site and is a little loose and not overworked.
Back in Beverley I met the mother of one of my students ( AG ) and we had a lovely chat, as a fellow artist I hope you like this picture.

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