Thursday, 8 March 2018

Skidby Cottage.

Wednesday was such a lovely day.
I was en route to see friends in Hull and had time to detour to try another painting, however, after walking George I only had time to do a sketch. I saw this building, actually two cottages, nicely framed by huge, ivy covered trees. It was an obvious choice. Just out of view, a man was fixing a garage door, I almost felt like asking if he needed help. It is so nice just to sketch and really look at what you are doing. The twittering of some birds made me look across and I saw two long tailed tits and a lone bluetit, can you see them. Spring is definitely here now with lots of bird activity. I had almost finished when cars came and parked in front of me - they thought I may have been from the council, so I said "We were knocking the cottages down and putting in a roundabout,".....before admitting I was simply sketching.
I will add a wash to this sketch soon.

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