Monday, 5 March 2018

Near Risby, East Yorkshire.

I set off to visit the "The Art of Terence Cuneo" exhibition at Hull University though, as the weather was so much better, I changed my mind and detoured to Risby. I found myself near the remains of an Italianate terraced garden. It was fascinating to read the history of the place, the terraces easily visible from where I painted this picture. As I painted I heard the honking of a skein of geese to my left, flying low, before settling rather aristocratically with their 'noses' in the air. A buzzard flew lazily by and then all was quiet. This is only the second painting this year and I am still rather rusty. Yet it was good to be painting again. Suddenly a car pulled up on the narrow road. It was a colleague from my time teaching at Beverley Grammar School ( founded AD700 - a note for my friends in 'The Colonies' ).
We had a lovely chat as we recounted various times and other colleagues.

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