Sunday, 30 July 2017

Sunset near Black Mill, Beverley.

Quite pleased with this one.The surprise here is the appearance of the slim crescent moon. It was the first time, during the painting of these sunsets, that it appeared. Usually, it was behind me. Evenings are drawing in now. On cloudy evenings the light is gone by just after 9pm, not long ago it was nearer to 10pm. Sitting on the garden, as dusk falls, the evenings still mild, one often sees bats hunting. Silhouettes darting by, in search, in pursuit of some of the 2500 different moths that we have here in the UK. The swifts and martins are also active earlier in the evenings flying low to catch the insects which hug the trees and bushes. Summer still has time to go but there is a feeling of it passing too quickly.

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  1. Beautiful, John. The evening skies have been so interesting. And I have thought similar of the early morning sun. The garden chair of choice for first cup of tea, is now in shade until much later. The sun is lower behind the neighbours' trees, and there is a hint of the less intense autumn warmth in the air. Mind, with all the rain and sun, the hedgerows and public footpaths are almost impassable in places, and the blackberries are growing thick and fast! Bumper crop this year perhaps?


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