Monday, 5 September 2016

The old harbour area River Hull.

Watercolour sketch
Just seen this old picture done in 1979 hanging on our staircase wall. It is framed and behind glass so if you look closely I can be seen taking the picture. I used my phone to take the picture so the quality could be better. It is now an interesting record of what this part of the River Hull looked like before the improvements to the walkway, the building of Myton Bridge and the Tidal Barrier and of course the new swing footbridge. The row of distant windows on the left far distance was the workshops and offices of the Docks board I seem to remember. A small family run shipyard "Worfolks or Warfolks" were also based there. They were very skilled at servicing small vessels. The roof of Oriel House is the modern building which can just be made out on the right hand side. This was designed by Gelder and Kitchen ( D. Oxley ) the now closed architects who were based in Maister House, High Street, Hull, a stones throw away. Just one more comment, later as Bridgemaster I got to know the crew of the tug, Gillian Knight, which was kept busy in this stretch of the river and usually moored by Drypool Bridge close to the office of the River Hull harbourmaster, Captain Patrick  Boylan.

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