Thursday, 1 September 2016

Black Mill, Beverley, an August sunset.

Quick impression - loose watercolour over pen wash.
We travelled to Newby Hall recently where it was raining and no chance of sketching or painting. However in the gift shop I was pleased to see some pens for sale and so I bought some, they are lightfast. However, I assumed they were waterproof also, but they were not. Always double check this if you buy pens. We had just walked George on the Westwood and we saw this sunset. I quickly sketched it and added it and decided to add colour at home as it was getting dark. However, the next day, in daylight, when I washed the scene I found out that the pen was not waterproof, drat. Nevertheless it is another memory. Hope you are getting out painting and sketching.
Postscript, I have been meaning to say how lovely it is to hear the grasshoppers chirring on the Westwood as we walk George. Started hearing them on sunny days in August and on into September.

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