Sunday, 10 July 2016

Wassand Hall - Thursday 9th July, 2016.

Plein air oil on canvas 12 x 10 inch
Well the summer is a bit up and down, disappointing for some though the plants seem to appreciate the conditions. We are at Wassand Hall again to visit the walled garden. This particular path is at the northern side, we are sitting at one corner looking towards the far end. A dark yew hedge on the left hand side provides a dense, dark background to the yellow spiked plant, making it really stand out. The roses are looking wonderful and bombard one with fragrance. The shade loving hostas are a particular feature of this corner with their dramatic tall mauve flower columns. At the far end of the path there is a bench seat which is hidden behind the hedge. Just realized that this is an obvious design element, at all four corners bench seats look down pathways though not at other benches or their occupants. the suggestion of another linking path can be seen about half way down on the right. This, in fact, leads to the central fountain, a crossroad for linking paths. We were happily working away when two members of staff approached. They were concerned for our safety as, they told us, the bees were starting to swarm. They had been stung already. Having mentioned this we realized that the droning noise was getting louder and so propriety prevailed and we hurriedly packed up. I therefore had to finish this later at home, having done most of it before an apiary incident.

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