Friday, 20 May 2016

Tulips sketch.

Another quick doodle
A visit to Castle Howard saw us visit the Fitzroy Restaurant. On all the tables, tulips had been placed. A lovely idea. So here is a quick pen sketch, with colour added. Earlier en route we checked out the tulip beds in the walled garden. An explosion of colour, varieties, petal forms and height made a memorable scene. I had intended to paint them as an exercise in using blocks of colour, to be rather impressionistic. Unfortunately this was not possible and so, reluctantly, I took some photographs and may use them to work up a picture later. It is interesting to note the increase in visitors to Castle Howard reflecting that the tourist season has well and truly started.

As we walked away from the courtyard, a coach from Germany pulled up to allow our German cousins to get off and begin their visit. Another coach nearby, a Van Hool, reminded me of the time I designed a different type of coach door, one without a frame, using pressed aluminium and recently developed adhesives. The whole front end of the coach had been sent, presumably from Holland, to enable the fitting of the door.

The exhibition here showing "South Beverley" landscapes is still open and it is good to meet people when they visit. I realise now, that the exhibition is also a documentary of the area before the building of the Beverley Southern Relief Road and the associated housing developments. As such, though I am pleased with the exhibition, I am looking forward to my next exhibition featuring herbaceous borders which will be of more appeal for people.

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