Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Beverley Minster, sketches from an A5 sketchbook, on a day of heavy precipitation

 Quick rendered pen sketch 1

The weather forecast was for a grey day, little wind with low pressure promising some precipitation. Boy, the precipitation was unrelentingly persistent and, avoiding cabin fever we decided to have a coffee in town at one of many outlets. However, we parked near the Minster, which reminded me that I had been contemplating doing some pen and ink doodles inside. Also, I remembered that, near the discrete Minster shop inside, tea and coffee was sometimes available, and bingo, we were in luck. We meandered the interior, as well as appreciating the awe inspiring ancient architecture, I like to visit the " modern " sculpture in the Lady Chapel, at the eastern end of the church. I remember when, having taken my late mother, the vergir, one of my old students, gave us a preview of the yet to be revealed work which thrilled my mum. While there today we both contemplated our parents, who now exist as loving memories.
Back to our wandering we settled in the Choir ( Quire ) and I sketched a detail of an nearby decorated archway. Moving on we sat in the main Nave and sketched the raised lectern. 
Both sketches were done with a fountain pen and I have scanned and rendered the images.
Our documentary exhibition is still on at the moment, last weekend coming up.
Please try and come round if you can, if not check out the details above.
Hope to get out soon and begin this season's plein air painting in earnest.
Happy sketching.

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