Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Castle Howard - a lonely swan. Free download ( click image to enlarge ).

Pen and ink sketch
Travelled to Castle Howard via Slingsby where we visited RH and family. Lovely to talk and share experiences of past times back in Beverley. We travelled on to Castle Howard, had a light lunch and then started a painting of the house again. This time I wanted to include a statue in the foreground, more of that later. In the afternoon we sat looking down at the lake and saw, on the grassy bank, a solitary swan. I went over to see it and heard it softly mewing. It was looking for it's mate, which, as someone said, had walked off towards the house. Back at our seat I noticed the other swan, it had become trapped on the wrong side of a low stone wall. It's serpentine head and neck could be seen moving to it's right and then left, looking for a way back to the lake. I went over and tried to shepherd the swan towards a path to the lake, but without success. So, back to the seat and to try and sketch this view. I liked the reflections in the lake. The very dark foreground right conifer contrasted with paler shrubs as well as distant trees which were quite pale in the sunlight. I have uploaded the image quite large so you can download a add colour. Earlier, when we arrived we spotted Queen Victoria, just a glimpse for a few seconds. Dressed in black, she had stepped outside on to a balcony. Today, filming of VICTORIA was taking place, rigs, lighting, service crews and equipment were everywhere, really exciting.
Oh, and just to let everyone know, the swans were reunited before we left.

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