Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sledmere House, 16th August 2015, Wagoners Open Day.

Plein air oil on board, 12x10 inches
We had spotted a border of flowers along a wall to the west side of the House. Going back today we walked up and down and soon chose this view. It features a doorway built into the wall with flowers either side of an access path. The colour combination is striking. Vivid orange flowers ( echinacea ? ) featured strongly with very tall spikes contrasting both in shape and colour. In a way it is a pity that the rose growing over the doorway has already flowered, it would have been wonderful to have seen it. The day at the House featured the celebration and remembrance of the Wagoners Reserve who served in the first world war. Particularly poignant as relatives of those who served would have been in attendance. While I painted I could hear commentary of the wagoners' races, horses pulling heavy wolds wagons around a timed course. The winning team from Home Farm and the runners up were presented with their prizes from Sir Tatton Sykes, thus maintaining a wonderfully honourable tradition and keeping the memories alive. We were reminded that many years ago Sir Tatton stopped and spoke to us about our dog "Charles".
Hope you like the picture.
Pochade box set up - work in progress

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