Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Helmsley Walled Garden, August 24th 2015.

Plein air oil on canvas board, 12x10 inches,
Though having in the past visited the walled garden site, we had only visited the cafe and shop which are accessible from the outer precincts.
We have not ever been into the walled garden.
Would there be colour this late?
Wow, was there colour.
The garden is large, with vegetable areas as well as many pathways. I painted this under the shadow of Helmsley Castle over to my left, now in ruins, it retains a dominant presence. Here we have a path which runs from north to south. I am standing, just off the path, looking south. I would say this shows the last quarter of the entire length. The sheer amount of work to produce this tapestry of colour is staggering. I could see where new plants had been placed in the borders to maintain the continuous interest. I may be able to visit again before it all passes.

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