Saturday, 25 July 2015

Wassand Hall, the walled garden fountain.

Plein air oil on canvas board 12 x 10 inch.
Popped over to Wassand Hall and saw this view which I found surprisingly difficult to reproduce. Anyway here it is. It catches the essence of the scene with the fountain working and the peaceful quietude of the inner sanctum. Occasionally people strolled over and asked where the teas were being served. As I had earlier sampled the excellent crispy orange tray bake with coffee I gladly redirected them. This view is dominated by the close dark foliage of the nearby pleached lime trees. However as we can see they help to frame the fountain and offer contrast with the lawned areas in particular. The entrance to the walled garden is at the far side, past the fountain. This leads one to the perimeter path which is enclosed by wonderful herbaceous borders. The edges of the paths seen here leading to the fountain are more formal with lavender giving way to box hedging. Not the most colourful view yet it records the aspect quite well.

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