Monday, 20 July 2015

Castle Howard walled garden painting, on a wedding day!

Plein air pochade box oil on canvas 12 x 10 inch.
Here is another view from the walled garden at Castle Howard. It is really a race to record as much as possible before the summer passes. The borders are magnificent at the moment and, gratifyingly, we noticed some new planting of delphiniums which will flower later in the season. Also, some tall blue flowers, which may be agapanthus,look like they are about to break bud. The lilies along the inside of the main wall are providing us with a shock of varied yellows, very dramatic as they are surrounded by huge heads of alliums going over to seed. Back to this view.This path seems to be west to east with one of the typical coniferous arches leading the eye towards a bench seat in the distance. The weather was dull, though warm with very slight showers and here we had the rather dramatic effect of the path being enclosed by the copper beech? bushes. They framed the bright borders which comprised red roses and lavender with other planting such as white roses giving more depth of interest. We raced along with this picture as the weather threatened yet I am pleased with the result. Many people popped over for a chat and again, many visitors from China said hello and took photographs. Indeed as we were leaving three young students asked if they could have their picture taken with us. The house was closed from 3pm as a wedding was being held there. We spotted an amazing floral arrangement in a reception room as we passed, the tables with gold tablecloths featuring ornate candles befitting a wedding reception.  Oh, we also had a boat ride on the lake, the launch is electrically powered and very quiet. As we cruised over the lake we saw swans, moorhens, cormorants, geese, mallards and a pair of grebes with their tufted head feathers clearly visible. Another wonderful day.

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