Friday, 5 June 2015

Wassand Hall. Early summer visit.

plein air pochade box 12 x 10 0il on board
We walked the grounds with the intention of painting the small lake. On the approach we passed through a magnificent cow parsley avenue, walking between them we were assailed by their subtle fragrance. Though classed as a weed by many it is a wonderful umbellifer making an excellent cut flower. Onwards past wonderfully concentrated drifts of "forget-me-not" we reached the lake. Some lovely reflections though difficult to find the right vantage point. So, we continued our peregrinations down an avenue of young trees, crossed roads and soon reached the walled garden. This is, in fact two distinct areas, a lovely intimate rose garden with square framed laburnum supports acting as gateways to more paths. Here is a view looking from one corner, under a laburnum framework, down the path and past another laburnum the eye is led to the bench. The path continues around the perimeter of this small inner garden past labelled plants and a central pond containing goldfish to the larger garden which is a mix of formal and vegetable. But mainly it is the home of a wonderful tea room. The tea room welcomes you with a groaning table of home made cakes. Excellent. We took advantage of these facilities, with a free refill, before wondering back and painting this view. A little too early for roses yet apparently, though lots of interest such as lupins and the laburnum of course.
( Lots of gardens feature laburnum as it is very attractive, however like most plants it is poisonous and a particular danger where young children play.  Please be aware. )
H   A  P   P  Y   P  A  I  N  T  I  N  G


  1. Another winner, here, so lovely. Your comments, as always, are so descriptive and informative; I almost feel as if I were walking the path myself.

  2. So glad you like it Susan. I was wary to try it as it is a little too "busy" especially trying to fit it all onto a small painting board. Hope you are fully recovered from all the snow, best wishes, John.


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