Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Down by the lake at Castle Howard.

Plein air oil on board 12 x 10 inch

Sometimes, actually most times, the less obvious view can catch a moment, a sense of something not planned. We visited Castle Howard today and I took a pochade box just in case. After a light lunch we walked down towards the main lake where I spotted a building, mostly hidden behind a tree lined lake edge. Also, a delicate "forget-me-not" type flower, a beautiful pale blue giving an impression of a drift of sky, cerulean amongst the grasses. The edge of the lake was fringed with reeds, perhaps even some flag iris yet to flower. The effect being in great contrast to the dark water which reflected a subtle kaleidoscope of greens. A couple came over and we chatted for a few minutes. They were from China and staying in York. I suggested that they visit Beverley and have a look at the Minster. They liked the idea and set off to drive to Beverley. I gave them a post code for their sat nav and off they went. I hope they made it - I am sure they will love the Minster. So here is the rather simplistic impression of the moment - I like this a lot, especially as it was an ad-hoc spur of the moment painting.
Do not forget to visit the gallery where we have a small exhibition of paintings, depicting a year in our local ancient wood called Burton Bushes.
H  a p  p  y    P  a  i  n  t  i  n  g 


  1. Well, John, all I can say is thank goodness you brought your pochade box! This painting is just lovely - every bit of it.

  2. Yes, I am really pleased with this, it has worked well. Also, it is always interesting to go to Castle Howard as one meets people from all over the world and it is always satisfying to talk and share ideas. Best wishes, John.


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