Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunset, Black Mill, Beverley, May 29th 2015.

Plein air on board 12 x 10
WE have had some wonderful sunsets recently so I thought it would be interesting to try a quick plein air. Okay, problems, it can get very cold even at this time of the year, especially as a strong breeze tries to refrigerate one. Thus fingers suffer and ones nose can start to run. Also, seriously, looking over to the setting sun is not to be taken lightly. The sun is still powerful and dangerous to look at directly so one needs the utmost care to avoid damaging eyes. I tried to look from behind a hand but even so it is tricky. This particular sunset turned out to be not too exciting as the cloud formation seemed less dramatic than nights past. However here it is. I was grateful to the cow who just walked into the picture as I was finishing it gives a balance and a source of interest. The buttercups are still looking magnificent and even as the sun was setting looked vivid.
Will try again some time though perhaps on a warmer evening.

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