Tuesday, 26 May 2015

St Mary's Church, Beverley, buttercups and a lone walker.

Detail of plein air, large oil on canvas.

On site with the 3 furlong marker on the left 3rd visit in progress.
It was a lovely still morning with the sun shining. I took George to the Westwood, parking off York Road near to the racecourse. We went for a walk from the three furlong marker up to the start of the straight, two furlongs away. It was glorious, George was able to run free as there were no sheep or cattle in this section. Along the way I spotted some litter, game cards scattered over the grassy path, I gathered them up and proceeded along to the starting point. Then I spotted four pennies, all very strange. Then an empty small plastic bag. I picked the bag up and saw it was decorated with small pictures of leaves, cannabis leaves!! It had just been the Beverley races a few days before and I wondered that had something to do with all the discarded items, maybe, maybe not, though I thought Beverley is hardly Colorado. The grass was lit up by the early sun, some blades of grass appeared to be light swords, amongst the dark green. Across towards York Road, over a fence cattle grazed. Skylarks soared and spiraled heavenward, singing. Returned George to the car, gave him a drink and set off to paint. Day three and there is no wind, hurray. Set up quickly near the yellow spot marker and began refining, adjusting, adding detail though still keeping it loose. Foreground fencing balances the picture I think. As I set up a fellow artist came over and we had a lovely chat. We talked of our experiences painting outdoors. She mentioned that she was a horse rider and recalled a strange time. Her horse was spooked, jumped backwards, ears pricked forward when out riding at nearby Kiplingcoates. A rambler, a well known character, polite and well mannered but a little eccentric was sitting on the track, naked!! 

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