Saturday, 30 May 2015

Black Mill from the Walkington Road, near the 18th hole. ( Beverley folk will understand ).

Pochade en plein air 12 x 10 inch
I had noticed the pinkish red hawthorne flowers in the copse and wanted to record them. Though I have painted from this spot extensively before, I had not done anything at this time. Augmenting the composition is an interesting sky, gorse bushes which are just going over, and dramatic swathes of buttercups. When seen from this slightly elevated position the distant yellow line at the foot of Black Mill is a very graphic device. Cattle at Black Mill appear as small dots almost, just a suggestion they were there. This was a quick painting and I have left out the two poplar trees to the right of the mill. The painting does not need them as I think on this occasion they would make the composition too busy, though it goes against the grain not to be entirely faithful. We had to pop over to the Beverley Golf Club to use their facilities and as usual were greeted with the utmost courtesy and assistance. I am glad to be a social member of this laudable club. Back to the picture I noticed that some grasses are in fact going to seed. At this time when looking down low one gets an impression of dark umber even with a reddish tint. I have tried to include this in the painting. All in all I like the picture, it seems to work. I will soon be approaching a framing business to look at frames for these. I am thinking either a float frame or a frame with a slip inner, what do you think? Oh, as an after thought can I mention that we saw some cookoo pint wild flowers, unusual as most have now passed their flowering time.
H  A  P  P  Y     P  A  I  N  T  I  N  G

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