Friday, 23 January 2015

Beverley Minster from Beverley Golf Club, with BGS athletes returning.

Beverley Minster from the Westwood with Beverley Grammar extreme right
Wednesday 22nd January 2015.

The first, and overdue painting this year. Must get better organised however the weather, dog walking and various jobs have prevented me getting much else done. So I was happy with this quick skyline study on half imperial ( 15" x 22" ) heavy 300gsm watercolour paper. I had just taken George for a walk and returned to the car and saw this view. It was still mid afternoon and I had my watercolour materials with me, so, sitting in comfort, inside the car, I decided to have a go. The distant views behind the Minster remained vague and diluted in this grey, cold weather. A little brightness revealed the suggestion of colour,  highlighting buildings usually hidden by foliage. Suddenly when looking up I saw students returning to the Grammar School in small groups, now walking after their cross country efforts. It reminded me of my time at the school and on occasions helping with marshaling. The Grammar School, oldest in England - founded 700AD - is now situated adjacent to the Westwood, allowing easy and safe access to the common. The view here is heavily cropped, the original having more sky and foreground grasses. The colours were added at the site  (as I always try to do)  though I was  painting inside the car, insulated from the weather, sort of en plein air? 

Grammar School - Main Hall roof just visible.

Beverley Minster

Cottages just visible on Victoria Road outside the school entrance.

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