Saturday, 31 January 2015

Beverley from the Hurn 2

Beverley from the Hurn, plein air oil on canvas 12x10''
Friday 30th January 2015.
A bitterly cold. windy though bright day. Had not planned to paint today however snow and sleet forecast for tomorrow persuaded me to have a go. This is another view from the Hurn, this time using a pochade box. Inevitably getting fine detail, especially as it was very windy, was problematic. Only used two brushes, a pair of craft bristle brushes taped together to allow quick working up of the sky and foreground, also, a small round nylon brush. I have moved the Minster a little to the left to ensure I had it in the picture. I have indicated the racecourse railings and also the long shadows from trees on the right hand side. I thought I was managing the cold weather well until I tried to pack up and put things away. Suddenly my fingers would not grip and even putting caps back onto the tubes of paint was an ordeal. I had forgotten my watch and phone and as I had planned to meet someone I was always anxious about time. When back at the car I checked the time and realised that I had finished early. I had taken just about 45 minutes. The picture is therefore rather loose lacking fine detail, which is okay I guess. So in future I must be more prepared.
Met a local man who talked about the setts in Beverley, and saw a few hardy dog walkers. This is a pleasant spot. Oh, it was good to notice that St. Nicholas Church tower could also be seen, can you spot it?

H A P P Y   P A I N T I N G.

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