Friday, 10 October 2014

Beverley Minster.

Plein air pochade box painting, oil on canvas 12x10

I saw this view at noon and the lighting on the Minster was totally different. The towers were lit up emphasizing buttresses so that each tower had two vertical lines running from the top to ground level. Returning to paint the scene I was disappointed to see large, ominous grey clouds moving towards us. By the time I had set up, the towers were quite dark. In the distance a white spot on the horizon was still lit up by the sun. It was the water tower near Hornsea on the North Sea coast, approximately 12 miles away as the crow flies. What a lovely expression, I guess it means that crows ( not rooks?) when flying back to a roost at the end of the day take the shortest route. As I was painting a cyclist stopped, set up his tripod and took several pictures. He had cycled from Hull and he explained that he led a photography group and that he cycled miles to get pictures. A pair of cows came into view busily munching away on the still abundant grass. September was the driest on record however August being the coldest for 30 years have combined to facilitate ample grass production. Students from the nearby Beverley Grammar School appeared walking towards me on their way home to Walkington. Made me reminisce about my time there. Also, just to note, the swallows and martins have now all gone, joining the swifts on their various routes back to Africa.

H A P P Y   P A I N T I N G

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