Thursday, 14 August 2014

Black Mill with two cows, on a dark, foreboding day.

Will post the picture later. This afternoon went up to the Westwood and took George for his walk. We sat on an old bench with our backs to the boundary hedge and witnessed the darkening sky, the temperature dropping, we returned to the car a little sooner than expected. George's disappointment being forgotten as he had his cooked chicken treats. I started the picture, using a pochade box to hold the canvas board,  the composition including two passing cows. A couple came over and we had a chat about the painting, afterwards continuing their walk into Beverley. It is always a pleasure to talk and share ideas. Then, rain drops started falling from a leaden sky. Looking up I could see black clouds heading our way. I decided to stop and pack up as the light suddenly disappeared. Inside the car, windows steaming up, we sat watching golfers rushing to the clubhouse. Some sheltering under large, colourful umbrellas, others stoically resigned to being soaked through and walking with purpose to the shelter of the nearby clubhouse.
Plein air oil on canvas board 12 x 10''
 With some concern that I find the exact spot, I returned to finish the painting. Scanning the location, I was heartened to see the familiar cow pat that I had noticed, with some concern, the day before. Thus reassured, I quickly set up and forty minutes later decided that I had done enough. Besides our favourite cafe beckoned and there was just enough time to visit and have something to eat before we needed to set off to see friends in the afternoon. Just before leaving, a neighbour, PM tooted as he drove past, heading towards Walkington.
H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G.
In the evening I took Georgie for a walk, we were attacked by a large dog that had broken it's lead to get at us. George bitten and when examined, blood appeared from his rear, then realised it was mine. George developed a bad limp. Now, a week later and after several vets visits he is almost okay. Very distressing, good job it was me and not my wife  (or young children ) who had taken our puppy for his walk.

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