Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Black Mill. Westwood, Beverley

Plein air oil on canvas board 12 x 10"
Another hot day and the road to Walkington still closed, due to a hole in the road. The employment of multiple agencies means inevitable delays in fixing the situation. It is a shame for the people of Walkington, in particular, who face a long detour to get home. On the other hand it is safer for cyclists and pedestrians who can use the empty road . The roaming cows are also safer. I like the stillness and quiet. This evening we thought about another painting of the mill. After wandering for some time we saw this scene. A little similar to the previous picture. I like the dense shrubbery in the right foreground with the tall whitish grasses. The summer grasses producing a variety of shades provide refuge for the chirruping grass hoppers and the wonderful skylarks. Dog walkers passed, smiled and roamed on with happy companions. Golfers, in teams of four. were playing a tournament producing audible whacks of balls well struck? Suddenly, I realized that roaming cows had gathered at the foot of the mill, specks of black and white. Though the buttercups have passed, some can still be seen as well as blue harebells and small parsley type plants, not sure what they are. Thistles flowering now, will attract goldfinches later in the year, unless "managed" away by the pasture masters.
H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G

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