Saturday, 26 July 2014

Allotment view, Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Plein air 12 x 10 oil on canvas board.
This weekend is "OPEN ALLOTMENT" at our site in Beverley.
Took my pochade box and went down to have a go at this, a little ambitious and difficult yet I feel an accurate record of the view. The sun was out and, like an English madman, I went out " in the noon day sun" not even a mad dog to be seen (:-).
This has problems of course, apart from the heat, the values can be tricky to get right especially if the sun shines on the canvas. Quite a few marigolds are left to grow and occasional poppies are accommodated to either brighten up the plots or to distract carrot root flies. Also the encourage pollinators to visit. Amazingly, though no sign of water anywhere,  lots of frogs are about - the allotmenteers' friend as they eat slugs and help to keep  numbers down. Grasshoppers are also here at the moment and leap away as one passes. Overhead, swifts, my favourite summer visitor, so aptly named, scream past in what looks like juvenile groups. The large headed sunflowers have done well with their heads struggling to stay upright. A profusion of sweet peas can just be seen to the left of the shed, behind some broad beans. Happy summer to everyone and,.......
H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G

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