Monday, 30 June 2014

Woodland in June, Beverley.

Well I finally made it. The first visit was aborted as I had rushed off and forgotten things,
then got lost in the wood and eventually emerged at the furthest point from the car!! Hey ho, rushed home, turned a corner and came face to face with a total road blockage, a huge wagon trailer had become a little jammed as it attempted to turn round after travelling in the wrong direction. Then a rogue  a car, heading towards me UP A ONE WAY STREET,  I was glad to get home and have a cup of tea. Eventually went back... carefully and found
Plein air 20 x 16 oil on canvas.                 
this. All was going well, I thought, until a huge pointer dog came over, lovely dog it looked at me then was gone. A sound of the dog behind me made me turn round, what a shock. A massive great dane or maybe a mastiff the size of a pony stood there, salivating. I turned back and stood as still as stone. Then in the distance I heard a whistle and the dog was gone. I decided enough was enough and called it a day. The picture could be better but at least I managed to do one. What a day!


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