Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Burton Bushes, Beverley 4th March 2014

Plein air, oil on canvas 20x16" NFS
I wanted to capture another scene within the wood, Burton Bushes, and as the forecast for the day was bright after a frosty start I decided to have a go. It has been a while since videoing a painting session so I took an ipod and a separate camera to facilitate this. I wandered the wood for some time before deciding on this view. Underfoot the emerging bluebell leaves offer a tantalizing reminder not to miss their brief flowering later in April / May. Having set up I started painting, a man with two dogs, a Jack Russell, Belle I think, and a similar sized dog, white, plumper with a slightly curly coat, perhaps part miniature poodle and terrier came along and we chatted. The Jack Russell at one time was seen disappearing down the hole at the foot of the tree, yet emerged safely. The other dog explored excitedly and at one point leap over the felled tree trunk, a suggestion of this action is shown as a whitish mark - can you see it? Bluetits, robins, blackbirds and to my great delight, preceded by a mewing call, a buzzard were also seen. The buzzard flew on plank wings just overhead, low enough for me to see him turn his head to look at me. More mewing heralded the arrival of another buzzard and the pair examined me closely as they flew just over the tree tops. Suddenly, as they sailed away, a loud shot was heard. I was depressed at the thought of these magnificent raptors being shot, however to my delight they returned safe and sound. 
Shorter video here
H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G

Detail 1 - the dog has just jumped the fallen tree trunk

Detail 2

Detail 3

Detail 4

Painting in-situ

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