Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Scorborough hamlet, East Yorkshire, Feb. 18th 2014,

Watercolour 22 x 15" plein air sketch.  Enquiries here.
Another view of the hamlet featuring, as well as the church, an engaging, static, hawk model. The model is mounted on a post overlooking the fields and facing Scorborough Hall. Intriguing to know more about it. This view gives an impression of the possible association twixt church and landowner. I must investigate this a little more as it would be interesting from the local history area. For me, the hawk is a lovely, quirky yet possibly functional addition. As the nearby road serves only some local farms the only people we saw were a couple of walkers as we were finishing the sketch. The day turned out to be productive as earlier I had painted in Burton Bushes - a painting that I found challenging. Okay, guess that is it for now, so see you next time.
H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G


  1. Absolutely lovely, John. I especially like the details - extraordinary work there. I wonder what that hawk is made of?

    1. Good to hear from you Susan. Yes the details are interesting - guess students of design look at these almost abstract patterns for fabric design. John


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