Monday, 20 January 2014

January in Burton Bushes

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Pleased to get out after Christmas and the New Year and finally start painting again. The day started with a crisp frost, white roofs everywhere though the sun was shining and it felt warmer. I had wanted to try and paint a scene from the ancient wood before the end of January as I want to record my impressions of the wood all year round, and if possible every month. The sun shone through the canopy of branches and Holly leaves to light up wet surfaces with occasional shafts of light. During the painting my hat caught a low branch so I tugged it free. only to be showered in drops of water from the holly leaves. Not a problem until I noticed some drops had hit the canvas. Though not seeing anyone I heard a distant dog bark, however it never appeared. Before setting off I was delighted to meet an old student, Stuart A. now a young man, and we shared reminiscences of past times.
H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G


  1. I love this - and the idea of painting the same scene every month (one down!).

  2. Thanks again Susan, yes, every month but not from the same position I think. I have done some pictures from the wood when the bluebells flower, May time I guess, also have produced some autumn pictures. Need to get back there soon to get February "captured" as it were. Hope all okay with you, we are "umming and aaring" about getting another doggy companion.

    1. Hello John - I have noticed that you make a comment almost every day about the dogs you encounter while on your painting excursions....... :)

  3. Hi Susan, I know, Burton Bushes is a wonderfully dense old forest, only a fragment remains and it is fenced off to keep the free roaming cattle out. It is THE place for dog walkers in the area. They can run freely away from traffic and have a good old explore. Also, dog owners always seem friendly and will have had to make some effort to get to the wood, as it is some way from Beverley town centre. Still thinking about our Georgie.


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