Sunday, 17 November 2013

View from 17a Kitchen Lane, Beverley.

Plein air oil on canvas 20 x 16"

This is the view from 17a.
What is 17a you ask? Well it is the nomenclature for our recently acquired ….  allotment (for my friends abroad, a rentable portion of land to be used for growing vegetables ).
The view shows a partially hidden Beverley Minster as winter is approaching. Though some greenery exists here and there, the effects of autumn can be seen as trees are losing their leaves others just retaining their colour. The forecast is for a drop in temperature next week heralding the arrival of frosts and possibly snow. The picture illustrates the proximity of the Minster to the allotment site and it will be a pleasure to work the land with such a view. You may just make out some squashes and sprouts though little else as most of the crops have been harvested.  The plein air painting took three visits to complete. Hope you enjoy the picture.
H A P P Y   P A I N T I N G


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