Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Autumn in Burton Bushes, Beverley, the day after Remembrance Day

Plein air, oil on canvas, 12x10 for sale £90


Another visit to Burton Bushes the medieval woodland at the edge of the Westwood in Beverley. I wanted to try my latest, lightest pochade box design. It can be seen here on the right. The palette actually hinges at the back to reveal the storage area used for paints, brushes and mediums. This was it's first outing and I was satisfied with the performance. Thought I would miss the fold out panels of earlier designs but managed adequately. The scene shows a carpet of rusty reds from the fallen beech leaves. Here and there remnant greenery of nettles and bramble survive. It was a lovely day, bright sunny and sharp. Dog walkers were much more evident today and I made friends with several labradors and a west highland. Occasionally when quiet, grey squirrels ran through the beech branches, very alert and looking well fed, presumably on the abundant acorns. Again pigeons took off in minor explosions clapping their wings in mild panic. The family of inquisitive blue tits came tumbling down a holly bush to see what I was doing - they are very colourful little birds. My rush to get off caused me to forget a pallette knife which was a little frustrating, must remedy this later.
H A P P Y   P A I N T I N G

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