Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Allotment view 2 - autumn colours

Plein air oil on canvas 12 x 10 offered at £90
What a day! Beautiful sunny, cold autumn day. After shopping in Beverley we saw HC and AL, ( we look up to HC ) at Cafe Nero, we rushed home as we had jobs to do. I needed to clear the shed on our recently acquired allotment and four bags later set off for the municipal tip. Before setting off however the view over towards the Kitchen Lane path caught my eye. So after returning home, with an hour of light left, I returned to do this pochade box sketch. WOW, what a rush. Managed to spill the box contents in my haste - the sun was dropping quickly. The trees were almost glowing, especially the nearer oak. The allotment also provided some interest, with plenty of colour at the point of going over.

H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G

As an afterthought I should mention the deafening noise from high above. At first I ignored it, it was a passing plane or so I thought. However the noise continued and even became louder, so I looked up and saw two huge delta winged eurofighter typhoon planes with their distinctive canard winglets. They were circling, a tight circle following each other round and round not seemingly wanting to fly off. Their profiles were lit up by the setting sun as their aspects altered with details easily made out. I wondered what they were doing here. Such powerful objects, while rather beautiful from the engineering point of view, were nevertheless at odds with my faith in Quakerism.

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