Friday, 25 October 2013

Beverley Minster from Westwood - provisional watercolour outline

Sketch outline on heavy watercolour paper 22 x  15 inches.

It was such a wonderfully warm and bright late October sunny day and, without intending to, I started this really as a doodle. However I began to like the composition and worked it up a little more. The arrival of several industrious rooks gives this a little more meaning, are sensing, the seasonal, change thus taking advantage of the mild conditions? Perhaps the warmth is having an effect on emerging food? Certainly they were very active, and were joined by a magpie. Can you see it. Hello Mr. Magpie, how are you ( did not see any others nearby ). The sunlit Minster stood out against a blue cerulean sky with scudding clouds passing from right to left, heading northwards. The main feature however, which cannot yet be seen here is the autumn ( fall ) colours of the trees at the foot of the Minster. I hope to add colour later and will post again.
Happy Painting

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