Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Black House farm, Long Lane, Beverley

Black House Farm - plein air oil on canvas board 20 x 16" Finished next day 8th May.

Popped out after tea to begin a painting along Long Lane. It was a lovely evening with the sun still shining brightly although sinking in the west. Laid out the view and produced an under painting,  will try to visit again soon, to complete the impression. 
Prep work - today see finished painting above
When standing painting, a loud trio of swifts strafed me, one in front and two behind as they traversed the road from one field to another. I am still looking for the swifts to arrive - not yet though. A short while later I heard a honking sound, looking up I saw four geese flying west - as I watched the veered round and landed in a field behind some nearby trees. Also heard, and I think saw, ( some way off ) a pair of lapwings, in an area where I had seen partridge the year before. Then a pleasant surprise - seeing a ex-colleague and his wife as they cycled along Long Lane. We had a chat before they moved on to continue their ride.

8th May - the next day, finished the painting - talked to a cyclist with impeccable taste.

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